Sophie & Ruby


Abbi passed away from leukaemia when I was around 8 or 9 years old.

Me and my younger sister back then didn’t understand the concept of death, and that’s what encouraged my dad to write this book.
Sometimes I still think about Abbi, even though I have only very vague memories of her now.
I do remember her being beautiful and one of the kindest people I know. I have a memory of her coming round to my house with a gift for me and my sister. It was a purple bracelet with gold sewn though it. I still have that bracelet. It could have been any bracelet that she gave to me, but this one was different. It represented the situation I was in. The purple represented darkness and the gold thread through it reminded me that there’s always a line of gold waiting to be followed. No matter what.
I hope this book will help children like me who go through experiences like this, to show
them that no one really dies but people are literally in a better place, where no one can feel
pain or get hurt.


Abbi was my Godmother. I remember when she had cancer. I was only young but I have
some vivd memories about going to visit her in hospital.
I remember her wearing loads of different wigs and looking like a different person each time I
saw her. I also remember being sort of scared when I saw her without hair and attached to
all these different machines.
I remember her 21st birthday party! I remember that she was really kind and really pretty and
that she loved God. I remember being told that when she passed that she would be so much
happier and so much healthier in the beautiful place called heaven. And I remember thinking
I was sort of glad that she would be free from all the medical machines and pain and so she
could be in this wonderful place where she would be happier and always with me.
Every year at Christmas I put the ornament that Abbi gave me up on our Christmas tree and
remember her.